Our Fellows
State House Fellowship Program 2012 Fellows
Lhadolma Sherpa Hometown: Malden, Massachusetts and Nepal

School/Major: University of Massachusetts Boston /B.A. in Political Science  |  Ethnicity: Tibetan-American | Other Language(s): Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi

What drives me:  Being a Tibetan who has had no homeland and who sought refuge first in Nepal and then in the United States has definitely influenced me and made me the person I am today.  Although I was born in Nepal, I never identified myself as a Nepali-Tibetan but rather as a Tibetan.  Being a racial/ethnic minority in the U.S. has made me more conscious of matters that affect not only the Tibetan community but other disenfranchised, minority groups as well who lack a real voice.

What I'm doing now: I'm a legal assistant at a law firm in Newton, Massachusetts!

Placement: State Senator Katherine Clark (D-Melrose),
Chair of the Joint Committee on Revenue
Leading the movement
to engage and empower
Asian-American women
in politics and government