Our Fellows
State House Fellowship Program 2011 Fellows
Chu Huang  Hometown: Boston Chinatown, Massachusetts and China

School/Major: University of Massachusetts Boston/B.A. in Sociology and Asian-American Studies |  Ethnicity: Chinese-American | Other Language(s): Cantonese

About my family and politics:  Before this program came along, I had no thoughts of getting involved in politics, mainly because, growing up, I was never exposed to it.  I was raised by a single immigrant mother and she had to take care of providing food and shelter for the both of us.  Politics was never a conversation we ever had. I had an idea of the important relationship between community work and politics but never had the chance to delve into it.  AAWPI's fellowship program was my first opportunity.

On diversity in government: During my time at the State House, I saw and experienced the lack of diversity of perspectives and in representation. There were so few women of color and even fewer Asian American women.  There were times when I felt like I did not belong.  AAWPI helped me to feel empowered, that I was part of building a presence of Asian-American women in the State House. 

What I'm doing now: Project Coordinator for the Chinese Immigrant Student Leadership Project (ChISL) at Charlestown High School!  The ChISL youth and I were recently named “Champions of Change” by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and were interviewed on the Callie Crossley Show on WGBH!

Placement: State Representative Aaron Michlewitz (D-Boston),
Chair of the Joint Committee on Election Laws

Leading the movement
to engage and empower
Asian-American women
in politics and government